Tauranga Bridge Marina 101 Te Awanui Dr, Tauranga, Tauranga 3110, New Zealand
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Tauranga Bridge Marina Ltd

101 Te Awanui Drive, SH 2,
3116, NZ

P.O. Box 4500 Mount Maunganui 3149

Ph +64 7 575 8264
Fax +64 7 575 8369

Channel 73 “Bridge Marina”

info@marina.co.nz or berths@marina.co.nz

A New Zealand Port of Entry is a modern facility consisting of 500 fully serviced Marina berths.

The Marina is located inside the Tauranga harbour and within 5 minutes of both Mount Maunganui and Tauranga city shopping centres. The Bay of Plenty is one of the fastest growing areas in New Zealand. Tauranga is also centrally located within the Bay of Plenty, which is known as one of New Zealand’s finest aquatic recreation centres.

Marina berths range from 10.5 to 37.0 metres. Limited multihull berths are also available. Rental berths are available both short and long term – in some instances overseas vessels will be entitled to an exemption from the 15% GST (Goods & Services Tax) which applies in New Zealand on berth fees.

Enquire today about purchasing a berth. Our berths are very competitively priced and ongoing operating fees are also very reasonable. To find out more move on to our features page.


New Zealand Port of Entry

Customs and arrival/departure berth.

Comprehensive / Proven 24 hour security

Marina staff or security personnel onsite 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Surveillance cameras and regular foot patrols operating.

Short / Long term rental berths available

Berth Rental Rates

Immaculate on shore facilities

We are very proud of our ablution areas which are cleaned daily.

Refuelling Dock

Petrol (91) and diesel available 24 hours. The ATM accepts Petroleum Logistics fuel cards, EFT-POS, Visa, Mastercard (with pin number).

Sewage Pump Out Facility

Located on our refuelling dock.

35ton Travelift, Haulout and Hardstand + Chandlery

Bridge Marina Travelift Ltd, operated by Lucy and Bruce Goodchap is world renowned for their “Hard To Beat” rates and friendly owner operated service.




+64 7 574 7166




Power Connection to each berth

240V 50Hz electricity available, NZ Electrical Regulations apply for those wishing to connect.

Restaurant – Phil’s Place

Phil’s Place is the result of a long held vision of Phil Rudd, drummer of rock band ACDC to establish the best Steak Restaurant in New Zealand. Phil’s Place doesn’t just offer steak, it provides a wide range of superb cuisine with an extensive wine list and all delivered with exceptional service.

Situated in the heart of the Tauranga Bridge Marina with every table looking out over hundreds of yachts and enjoying the best view of Mt Maunganui, it is a dining experience not to be missed! Open 7 days for lunch and dinner plus a private dining room for those special occasions. Bookings are essential.



+64 7 574 4147


Last Gasp Cafe

Great coffee, breakfasts, pastries and cakes, salads (fresh), burgers, sandwiches & cold drinks.

Phone: +64 7 572 2014

Marine Brokers – Tauranga Boat Sales

Established over 25 years ago, Tauranga Boat Sales is the leading marine brokerage in the Bay of Plenty Region. We offer a comprehensive range of services to both purchasers and vendors and pride ourselves on having a “Client Comes First” approach to doing business. Our Crew are all long time boaters who have the experience and knowledge to make your time with Tauranga Boat Sales an enjoyable one. We treat our clients as our friends. Avoid the pitfalls of private deals, always use a reputable marine broker. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you.




+64 7 575 0512

+64 7 575 0514



Services for Visiting Yachts

As well as administration services at the marina office, a comprehensive array of marine services are available in the area.

Wireless Internet

High speed internet access from your vessel from as little as $1 a day.


Web: www.netsmart.co.nz

Arrival Notification

If you are a foreign vessel arriving in Tauranga – New Zealand.

Fax: +64 7 571 4134

Phone: +64 29 277 0635

Email: yachts@customs.govt.nz

Prior to arrival

The Master of every vessel is required to give 48 hours notice of the expected port of entry and estimated time of arrival to the New Zealand Customs Service and MAF Biosecurity New Zealand (MAFBNZ).

Do not anchor in New Zealand waters before clearing Customs.

You need to arrange Customs and Immigration clearance please do so via one of the following methods:

Nautical Miles





Plenty Maritime Radio 68

Tauranga Volunteer Coastguard 83

Tauranga Bridge Marina





NOTE: Plenty Maritime Radio and Tauranga Volunteer Coastguard Monitor VHF 16

The following information is designed to assist vessels visiting NZ with the NZ Customs Service and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) arrival and departure formalities. Compliance with these procedures will ensure that the border entry and departure requirements for you and your craft are completed efficiently and with the minimum of delay.

Full information on providing this notice of arrival is available: www.customs.govt.nz and the required forms can be downloaded from there

For more information on Biosecurity in New Zealand please go to:


When Nearing NZ

Contact can be made by calling Maritime radio on SSB 4125 Khz or VHF ch 16. If there are any changes to your ETA, the radio operator will be able to notify NZ Customs Service and MAFBNZ official so they can prepare for your arrival.

Links of interest

Weather – Met Service:

Tides – Met Service:

NZ Coastguard:

Tourism Bay of Plenty:

Port of Tauranga:






Tauranga Harbour & Marina Approaches

Tauranga Harbour Entrance Pilotage

Vessels over 100 gross tons: must contact Tauranga Bridge Marina in advance, to arrange an “Exemption from Compulsory Pilotage Certificate”.

Vessels over 500 gross tons:

must arrange a Pilot through Tauranga Port Radio VHF 12.

Chart NZ 5412 – Covers the approaches to, and Tauranga harbour.


The entrance to Tauranga harbour is to the west of the 230 metre high Mount Maunganui, which is visible from many miles to seaward.

The harbour entrance should be approached from the North East to avoid coming too close to Matakana Bank, which breaks in heavy weather. The main marked channel to enter Tauranga harbour has at 10 metres of water at chart datum, but the tidal streams can be very strong, 4.5 to 5 knots (spring tides).

Inside The Harbour

Latitude: 37 40.25’S
Longitude: 176 10.5’E

Once inside the Tauranga Harbour – Tauranga Bridge Marina is located 2.2 nautical miles due South of Mauao (Mount Maunganui) on the Eastern side of town reach, North East of the Harbour Bridge.

Follow the line of green channel markers, leaving them to Starboard all the way down to channel marker 21.

Call Bridge Marina on VHF 73 and inform them of your position. Our rental berths do not come with mooring lines but you could ask which side of the vessel you should put your boat fenders.

As you reach channel marker 21 the harbour bridge will be clearly visible in front of you, and the marina away on your Port bow.

Customs & Arrival Berth

Tauranga Bridge Marina operates a Customs Berth for incoming / outgoing vessels.

The berth is alongside an area of the floating attenuator 40 metres due South of channel marker 8 and is easily identified by bright yellow pile caps and dock fenders, (see the aerial photo view of this page) care should be taken when berthing alongside to allow for the direction of the tidal flow that can reach 2 knots in this area of the harbour.

The Customs Berth is operted by Tauranga Bridge Marina in conjunction with NZ Customs & MPI / Biosecurity NZ and the appropriate arrival notification described earlier must be given.

The Customs Berth is currently unlit during the hours of darkness.

Navigation Lights , Marina Entrance

  • Northern Breakwater: Two fixed red lights, vertically mounted
  • Southern Breakwater: Flashing green light, visible 180′ through 270′

Berthing In Tidal Marinas

Boat owners who are not experienced in maneuvering within tidal marinas should make this clear to marina staff before arrival. An experienced staff member will meet you in the work boat “GG” and pilot you to your allocated marina berth. This service is available at no cost, between the hours of 0800 to 1800, or to plan their arrival for slack water which last approximately 20 minutes either side of high and low tides.

Rental Berths

At Tauranga Bridge Marina we have one of the largest selections of berth sizes in the South Pacific.

Rental Berth Sizes

Max length over all Beam Draft
10.5 Metres

12 Metres

14 Metres

16 Metres

18 Metres

20 Metres

25 Metres

37 Metres






























3m &4.5m

3m & 4m










Non standard multi hull berths are available on request.

* Vessel requiring deep water berths will have to enter marina at high water.

All our berths have a full-length finger pontoon on one side; this is clearly visible on the marina site plan. Boat fenders should be dropped right down to the water as the pontoons only float 500mm (1’6″) above sea level.

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