Pier21 15 Westhaven Dr, Westhaven 1001, New Zealand
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Item Type : Marina
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The Pier21 Marine Centre is an innovative concept providing Auckland boat owners, and international visitors, with the best range of choice in vessel storage, maintenance and servicing. with the 48 marina berths for larger boats (up to 30m) and 190 Drystack berths in our Boatpark for smaller craft (up to 9.2m), your boat is close to where the action is out in the harbour. Our Hardstand facility has a 50 tonne travelift for vessels up to 25m with all services available in near vicinity.

The bottom line… more hassle free boating!

After hours, please contact Dave Wylie 021 489 252.

Drystack Boatpark

The pier21 Drystack boatpark has to be the best way for you to store your boat. Not only is it stored up out of the water in a well-ventilated and secure building, it saves you the hassle of hauling it down to the boatramp and queuing before you even get out onto the water.

The building incorporates a double racking system with accommodation for up to 190 craft (up to 9.2m), and utilises a unique and specially designed gantry to launch and retrieve your boat.

Here’s how it works for you… contact pier21, ask for your boat to be launched, arrive and park your car, walk to the marina, step on board and GO! Simple as that. When you return, we lift your boat out, wash it down and flush the engine then place it back in its berth.

  • Unlimited launch and retrieval
  • No anti-fouling required
  • Less osmosis & electrolysis
  • Less fading of canopies & paintwork
  • No trailer or heavy tow vehicle required
  • No launch ramp delays or damage


The pier21 Marina is easily accessible in the centre of Westhaven, 5 minutes walk from downtown Auckland. It has secure berthing for vessels up to 30m in length and 3m draft.

The environment is clean with good tidal flow and room for easy manoeuvring into and out of the Marina.

  • 48 berths up to 30m in length
  • Maximum draft 3m
  • Power and freshwater on-site
  • Broadband internet access
  • Short-term or long stay options on monthly rental
  • Toilet, shower and laundry facilities available
  • 2 restaurants/bars on-site
  • All services available in adjacent premises
  • 4 marine chandlers nearby

Hardstand Boatyard and Travelift

The pier21 Hardstand boatyard is the only available space in Westhaven where you have complete choice as to how, when and by whom your boat’s maintenance is carried out. The boatyard has room for 30 boats and has covered facilities available. Whether it is merely re-applying anti-foul or a complete refit, we have the space and the facilities to assist you.

On-site Service Partners are capable of handling all work that you would require, or if preferable, you can utilise your own tradespeople (subject to our standard site agreement for tradespeople)… the choice is yours.

The Travelift has a capacity of 50 tonne for vessels up to 25 m length and ensures safe lifting in and out of the water with experienced operating staff.

  • Lifting on and off boat transporters
  • General boat maintenance
  • Lift and Wash service
  • Hull surveys
  • Keel fitting / replacement
  • Anti-fouling and repainting
  • Propeller refurbishment and repair
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