Milford Sound Marine Reserve Milford Sound, New Zealand
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Milford Sound is breathtakingly beautiful both above and below the water. A scuba diving experience like no other, you have the opportunity to see the legendary black coral trees that grow up to 6 metres tall along with red corals, spotted dog sharks, seals, penguins, sea dragon, nudibranchs, crayfish, snake stars, octopus and over 150 fish species in a world heritage area marine reserve.

Milford Sound Dive Trips

Take the rare opportunity to experience the extraordinary marine life that lives in a marine environment that combines cold fresh water and warmer salt water. See creatures that you would normally need to dive to 80 metres to see at depths of as little as 10 metres.

Diving may sound like a strange thing to do in waters well away from the coral reefs of the tropics. But Milford Sound has some extraordinary marine life that summer visitors can experience — dive trips do not run in the winter. You will regret missing your opportunity to see it if you are a diver…

An Extraordinary Marine Environment

Fiordland’s high rainfall leaches out tannins from the vegetation as it makes its way into the fiord creating a tannin-stained freshwater layer on top of the Fiord’s salt water. This layer filters out light making it possible for marine life that is normally found in deeper water (approx 80-100metres) to occur much closer to the surface (10-20 metres).

Swim through the freshwater layer to the warmer salt water environment where the marine life begins. You’ll encounter rare black and red corals, sponges and colourful anenomes to name just some of the extraordinary species you will encounter.

A wide variety of fish species will keep you company and an occasional crayfish might pop out for a look from their rocky homes. You’ll have a good chance of seeing dolphins and seals up close, and if you are very lucky you may have a chance encounter with a Fiordland Crested Penguin.

This is a dive trip to remember!

First time divers are catered for in a ‘Discover Scuba’ trip which is a 1:1 single dive with an instructor with the only requirement being that you are a confident swimmer. Confidence allowing you can go up to 12 metres deep.


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