Hingaia Hingaia Rd, Karaka 2580, New Zealand
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Location : Hingaia

Hingaia is a rural coastal suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. Located on the shores of the Pahurehure Inlet, to the southwest of the Papakura Town Centre, under local authority of the Papakura District Council. Hingaia is the smallest suburb and most eastern area in the Papakura District.


During the major reformation of local government in 1989, Hingaia was included into the Papakura District boundaries.

From October 2010, after a review of the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance, the entire Auckland Region will be amalgamated into a single city authority. As well as the current Papakura District, all other territorial authorities will be abolished and the entire area will be dissolved into a single Auckland city council. The suburb Pahurehure will now be in the Franklin Ward of the Auckland Council.


The most common ethnic group in Hingaia is European as at 2006, with 77.6 percent. Maori residents only make up 7.1 percent of the suburb, and Asian residents consisting of 7.6 percent. According to the 2006 New Zealand census, (for residents aged 15 years and older) the most common occupational group in Hingaia is ‘Managers’, and the least common group is ‘Community and personal service workers’, with an unemployment rate of 1.6 percent of the Hingaia population.

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