Gulf Harbour Gulf Harbour, Whangaparaoa 0930, New Zealand
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Gulf Harbour is a development some 4 km from the end of the Whangaparaoa Peninsula, towards the northern end of Auckland, New Zealand. It has one of the country’s largest marinas, one of the country’s top golf courses, and is regarded as a retreat for Auckland’s well-off. The site is also known as Hobbs Bay, and was sold in the early seventies by landowners, the Hobbs family, who still retain some of the coastal area including the Hobbs Bay beach. Even better, nearby Army Bay features more individualised and unique housing to suit the occupant and outstanding views and reflecting the friendliness of the army bay community.

The population was 1,899 in the 2006 Census, an increase of 1,014 from 2001. In the 2013 census it was 2,553, in 912 households, with a median age of 42.8 and median income of $31,500. A reputation as a rich people’s residence is borne out by Statistics New Zealand data which shows Gulf Harbour Marina as the Auckland suburb with the highest median income, at NZ$60,000. However, the 2013 census showed that Gulf Harbour Marina had 33 people with a median age of 54.2 and median income of $30,400.

A ferry service operates between Gulf Harbour and downtown Auckland. The Auckland Regional Council plans to increase the ferry service in 2009. From 28 July 2014 the ferry service was increased from 4 to 12 a day.


Gulf Harbour School is a full primary (years 1-8) school with a roll of 466.

Wentworth College is a secondary (years 7-13) school with a roll of 236. It is a private school which opened in 2003. Wentworth Primary School is a private primary school which opened in February 2008 on the same site.

All three schools are coeducational. The two established schools have a decile rating of 10, but Wentworth Primary does not yet have a decile rating.

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