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“If You’re Not On The Grid, You’re NOT On The Map!”

Attention Business Owners! … HERE’S A QUESTION.

How Do I Grow My Business?

  • You want a great looking website but worried about the cost
  • You want an ONLINE shop but confused as to the best solution?
  • You want to promote special offers on coupon sites but refuse to be crippled by the huge commissions!
  • You need a steady flow of new visitors but no idea how to get them?

Now there’s a revolutionary, astonishingly simple concept that you’ll simply love!

It’s called The Grid and puts the power to prosper in YOUR hands.

The Grid connects towns with visitors and connects customers to YOUR business, 24/7 via a beautifully simple map interface.

There’s a powerful Online Shopping section dedicated to YOUR business. Add YOUR products and receive payments into YOUR bank account 24/7

There’s marketing website for special offers within the network in the extremely popular coupon format. Add YOUR offers and receive payments into YOUR bank account 24/7

It’s all either FREE or VERY low cost and when you plug YOUR business into The Grid you’ll enjoy more visitors, more leads and more business.

If you’re not on The Grid, YOU’RE not on the map! Plug in Today!

Find Anything Anywhere

The brief is simple: Put everything New Zealand in one place and make it easy to find.

There is a ton of information out there from business directories to tourism sites, to specialised publications and it’s all glued together by the mighty Google … which quite frankly does not serve little old New Zealand very well.

A search for information often brings up pages of irrelevant results on a global basis which the search has to then trawl through.

The grid is manually populated and organised by humans and is a sterile environment for anything and everything New Zealand.

The Grid … Making a ‘Significant’ Contribution to New Zealand Digital Infrastructure and the Prosperous Future of New Zealand Business

Where will YOUR business be in five years?

Independent market research suggests that business-to-consumer (B2C) eCommerce will increase by 17 percent globally this year, with worldwide sales expected to reach $1.2 trillion. The Asia-Pacific region is driving eCommerce growth more than any other, and is expected to outpace the rest of the world at 23 percent growth over last year.

What’s driving eCommerce growth?

The proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices. Retailers’ increased investments in their online marketing channels and digital marketing budgets. Online retail sales will grow at a compounded annual rate of 10% from 2012 to 2017. By 2017, the Internet will account for 10% of retail sales. The Growth in the number of consumers shopping online will continue to increase. Most of the projected sales growth will come from veteran online shoppers. Additionally, mobile-based commerce sales via smartphones will further increase.

How do YOU compete in an ever crowding environment?

thegrid-300x207Online search is controlled by far and away the largest monopoly in the history of the planet. John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil corporation had nowhere near the power of modern search engines but it was broken up in 1911 through monopoly charges and anti-trust litigation.

Today, if business owners want to be found online, they depend upon search or social media for growth because there is no longer a viable choice …  but when these giants decide to experiment with their system, millions of businesses often suffer. A recent search engine update by  the market leader saw many top ranked business relegated way down the rankings on results. It was like taking a shop in a busy shopping mall and one night, placing it on top of a mountain!

Since setting up in New Zealand in early 2012, gauk Media has been overwhelmed by the number of businesses coming to them asking for an ‘Online Business Solution’.

Each case is different but one thing is clear, they all had just three basic requirements:

  • Access to Market
  • An Affordable Marketing Platform
  • A Steady Flow of New Visitors

At the same time various towns in the region were installing free WiFi to their commercial centers and looking to leverage this opportunity.

However, a big issue soon became apparent. Towns appeared to have a limited, out-dated or flawed web presence and no strategic solution to take full advantage of the new technology.

Traditional Marketing Options For Businesses

As business owners ourselves we know just how difficult is can be to ‘get found’.


  • Pay to advertise in the Press
  • Pay to advertise on Radio
  • Pay to advertise on TV
  • Pay to develop ‘Brand Awareness’
  • Pay for flyers & distribution
  • Pay marketing consultants
  • Pay to develop technology
  • Pay for online advertising
  • Pay for visibility on search engines & social media
 The business owner is isolated in terms of marketing. They still have to battle to The Great Google Algorithm.

The solution!


We’ve broken the service down into individual geographical areas and towns which we’ve called Hubs, and each hub offers a unique service to business owners.

Each Hub then feeds information to a national search engine called The Grid. This top level search is know as a Destination Management System and the one we’ve come up with is not only beautiful to look at and use it’s utterly new and unique.

So anyone searching anything in New Zealand will be able to find it on this beautifully simple, intuitive interface.

All businesses are marked on a Google map with markers and can be filtered by category etc, so if someone only wants accommodation they set the filter to that and as they drill down for more information they will find all the businesses listed in a Hub.

The Grid and Hub pages are capable of using Geo-Location on the mapping.  In simple speak, The grid can establish where you are, mark you on the map and show you destinations of interest in a selected radius.

If your car or camper breaks down, set the search filters and it’ll show you all the garages within 20k and if you want a nice place to stay the night simply select that filter.  The Grid will even allow you to make a reservation at a local restaurant before you turn in for the evening.

Each Hub (town or district) has:

  • A feature-rich business directory, which is designed to be a showcase for each business
  • A powerful Online Shopping Mall.  Business owners can add their products and receive payments into their bank account (New Zealand’s Online Shopping Mall)
  • A marketing platform for special offers  based on the extremely popular coupon format

This all works beautifully:

  • The network generates its own traffic
  • Business owners have a point of contact and showcase in their directory
  • Business can sell online 24/7
  • Selling online this way creates an equal opportunity
  • By crafting special offers carefully online, they can draw more clients into their shop
  • There are tutorials and special offer calculators designed to stop business promoting unsustainable offers
  • Business no longer has to worry about Google as users can find everything easier and more efficiently on The Grid

The following info-graphic will show more clearly what we’ve come up with.


We are growing The Grid from the ground up and rolling it out one Hub at a time to ensure stability and sustained growth.  We are partnering with business organisations and representatives to ensure a comprehensive coverage of each Hub as they plug into our platform.

Add or edit YOUR business or contact us for more info.

If you are interested in getting YOUR Town on The Grid and can help with strategic introductions, then please get in touch right away!

We’ve had an extraordinary period in development and eagerly look forward to a time when the stranglehold corporate giants exert on regular business owners is released … and with YOU on board

Putting New Zealand on the map

The Grid Team

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